Helen Road, also known by its address 12 Helen Rd or 12 Helen Road, is a neighborhood in a city somewhere in England. In The Cat Lady, an apartment building along the road is the residence of Susan Ashworth. Due to this, it is one of the most prominent locations in the game, being surpassed only by the "Alternate Dimension." It makes an apperance in the intro of the game, although it's first real appearance is in Chapter 3.

Apartment building Edit

Apartment building
Note: This section could be expanded to talk about the history of the apartment building and the residents in it.

The apartment building is one of the primary locations of the game, being surpassed only by the "Alternate Dimension".

Apartment building residentsEdit

Gone/Deceased residentsEdit

  • Eric Ashworth - Susan's husband and the father of Zoe, he was disrespectful towards both Susan and his daughter. He drank himself in the forest during a particularly hot Summer, with Susan noting how badly the heat had affected his body.
  • Zoe Ashworth - The daugther of Susan and Eric Ashworth, died during an unknown year in the Summer from a fatal pollen allergy.
  • Pauline's ex-boyfriend - Possible, though Pauline could've broke up with him before she moved into the building. He is never seen, as he's been cut out of the photos inside Pauline's apartment.
  • Bryan's wife - Possible, referenced by Susan, though could've just been a joke.
  • The Morrisons - A couple or family who left a long time ago sometime after Susan moved in. According to Susan and the note they left, they did not get along with The Dog Lady. Susan describes them as reasonable people.